Amazon Milk Frog

Amazon Milk Frog – A Fifty/Fifty Chance

Amazon Milk Frog illustrated by Ravenari


Using others to get what you want, making sure who you care about has enough to survive, giving to others, advocating for charities, rainforest wisdom, a close relationship with tree spirits, a fifty/fifty chance, environmentalism, your unique voice, water and night magic, working with emotions and dreams, secrets and mysteries of the land.

General Description:

The Amazon milk frog is an arboreal amphibian found in South America, related to poison arrow frogs, and able to excrete a milky substance when stressed. This ‘milk’ is poisonous, but not fatal. They occupy humid rainforests. Interestingly, males will find a source of water in a tree and call for a female to lay her eggs, before inseminating them, he will then call another female to lay her eggs and will not inseminate these; using them instead as a food source for the first batch of fertilised eggs. They are large, beautifully patterned, and are becoming increasingly popular as pets.