Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish – Challenge

Box Jellyfish illustrated by Ravenari


Unexpected danger. Being taken by surprise. Pain. Simplicity. Letting go in order to get what you want. Invisibility. Going with the flow. Betrayal. Being challenged by nature. Challenge. Death. Be careful when traveling. Stay close to home. Take fewer risks.

General Description:

The box jellyfish is thought to be the most venomous marine animal in the world, it is also – despite its name – technically not a jellyfish. They are pale blue and often difficult to see in the water, they will also swarm. Unlike other jellyfish which wait passively for prey, the box jellyfish will actively hunt and seek out their prey which consists of crustaceans and small fish. Box jellyfish have unique sight, though it’s not understood what they can actually see. They sleep on the ocean floor. Box jellyfish are predated on by turtles.

The box jellyfish has been responsible for over 60 human fatalities and death can occur within only a few minutes of being brushed by the tentacles. The pain of being stung by a box jellyfish is described as so painful that unconscious people have been recorded to have kept on screaming, and that those stung will often immediately go into shock from the pain itself. There is no antivenom for some species of box jellyfish, and as it is, the current antivenom is questioned for its efficacy.

Lessons and Challenges:

The presence of box jellyfish in a reading is a warning. Look out for unexpected danger, or being taken by surprise unpleasantly. Being taken by surprise is a feature of box jellyfish who, as an almost invisible ocean predator, is quite able to sneak up on humans and its prey even if it does move quite slowly. At this time, you might not be able to see any potential threats or harm, until they happen. It may be too difficult or impossible for you to see any particular problems at this time, invisibility is a feature of box jellyfish energy, you may not know exactly what is going on until it happens.

Box jellyfish teaches that it is important to go with the flow. Sometimes bad, unpleasant, or unnecessary things will happen. Sometimes you will need to experience pain, even if you can’t see or divine a reason for it. And sometimes the most helpful things you can do during a time of crisis, is just accept that what is happening, is happening. It sounds simple, but it is something that many people resist when they experience pain. It’s a natural response, to resist, but it can be much more nourishing in the short and long term, to accept and look after yourself as best as you can.

Box jellyfish teaches simplicity. Sometimes, in order to get what you want, you must let go and trust in nature. And sometimes, you are going to experience things that you don’t understand or want to experience.

We cannot control every aspect of our lives, even box jellyfish cannot precisely control where the strong ocean currents will take it. Box jellyfish must trust that, after the end of a hard or long journey, there will be nourishment made available. You must also trust that, at the end of a difficult situation, there will be healing. But if you resist the difficult journey in the first place, or the life currents, you may never find healing at all. It sounds simple on paper, but it is quite hard for many people to do in real life.

Box jellyfish energy appreciates that it is hard for people to consciously undertake a difficult journey, which is why it tends to only be present when you are facing a difficult journey that you have no control over. Box jellyfish energy is the spirit of the challenge. It presents you with circumstances that you have very little control over, and asks you to control or look after yourself instead. Box jellyfish represents being challenged by nature in order to achieve later or subsequent growth.

There is a possibility of betrayal at this time, or alternatively, you will be dealing with the aftermath of a betrayal. It could be someone who has, or will betray you. Alternatively, watch out for betraying yourself and your best interests. Are you really taking care of yourself? Are you looking after your physical, emotional and spiritual integrity? If the answer to any of these is ‘no,’ or you’re unsure, box jellyfish challenges you to face yourself as your own worst enemy.

Box jellyfish, a migratory animal that predates on other animals, tells us to be careful while traveling, and if possible, stay closer to home for a while. Take fewer risks for a little while, it doesn’t hurt to sometimes take it easy or to just safeguard ourselves.

There is an indication that some pain, acute or chronic, but definitely noticeable; is present when box jellyfish energy is around. This pain may be physical, emotional or spiritual, but it can’t be avoided. Box jellyfish asks you to accept the presence of the pain, so that you can accept the potential of healing or growth. The control and choice is yours, though box jellyfish energy knows that it is not an easy choice to make.

The Shadow Aspects:

If we spend our entire life avoiding challenge because we are afraid that we’ll never ‘win’ or triumph, then we are wasting that life. Challenges are supposed to be hard, and we are not meant to triumph over every one, however using this as an excuse not to do anything at all is wasteful and unhealthy. Box jellyfish reminds us that challenge is a part of life whether we like it or not, and we must step up to the mark and confront the challenging aspects of our life that we have at this point been avoiding.

Box jellyfish as a shadow aspect draws attention to the pain and harm that we have been experiencing in our lives. It is time to do what we can to alleviate our physical, spiritual and emotional pain. Whether it involves changing our diet, healthily using painkillers, letting go of betrayals and grudges, or changing our attitudes towards our spirituality, we must make the changes ourselves to avoid that pain that we have been causing ourselves. There is enough pain and harm in this world without doing it to ourselves through neglect or active disregard of our health and wellbeing. This is one of the greatest challenges for all people, to learn to treat ourselves with genuine love and respect.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Box jellyfish, I found, had quite an interesting energy. To me box jellyfish seemed approachable, but then box jellyfish wasn’t interested in harming me or hurting me when I journeyed to visit it. You may find your experiences with box jellyfish to be quite different or more confrontational. Remember that box jellyfish is near invisible in the ocean, so keep your eyes peeled if you are doing an underwater journey or visualisation.

I would recommend – as with all encounters with animal energies – that you maintain a sense of respect, both to box jellyfish, and to yourself. I found box jellyfish to be quite a direct communicator, with no riddles. It was quite insistent that its lessons really are very simple; it’s the application of them that present the greatest difficulties. Overall I feel that box jellyfish is a challenging guide not because of its demeanor, but because the lessons it teaches are hard for many people to accept.