Giant Squid

Giant Squid – The Darkest Places

Giant Squid illustrated by Ravenari


Overwhelming others, and being overwhelmed, taking people down into the darkest places inside themselves, true fear, terror that floods, a connection to the kraken and kraken mythologies, being unable to survive in ‘the light,’ clashing with sperm whale energy, plumbing the depths, feeling stranded or stuck from time to time.

General Description:

Giant squid are a series of species of squid that can reach lengths of up to thirteen metres. They travel by jet propulsion and controlling the intake and expulsion of water, though they also have fins that assist them. They have a very large eye which enables them to make use of the very little light and bioluminescent light available at great depths. For squid, they have a complex nerve system and developed brain. They eat deep sea fish and other squid, and are predated upon by sperm whales. They are found in all of the world’s oceans.