Lightfoot Crab

Lightfoot Crab – Get It Done Now!

Lightfoot Crab illustrated by Ravenari


Speeding around, get it down now!, being prone to rushing jobs, having occasional bursts of high energy, being able to commune with the dead and beings connected to the upperworlds, handling turbulence, being unfazed by unpredictable surroundings, bright and brash, fertility, having a hard exterior, hiding your true feelings.

General Description:

The sally lightfoot crab or lightfoot crab is commonly found along the turbulent, windy western coasts of South America, and its islands. They are known for their extremely fast running speeds and ability to evade fishermen who sometimes sought to catch them as bait; it was known enough that John Steinbeck himself wrote about the phenomenon. They are highly energetic crabs, and eat algae and where available, dead matter. The sally lightfoot crab is a vivid red / orange, though it can appear in colours such as yellow and pink. The young are generally black or dark brown.