Nautilus – Geometric and Symmetrical Balance

Nautilus illustrated by Ravenari


Liking symmetry, appreciating geometric and symmetrical balance, a great capacity for abstract thought, using logic to create internal harmony, architecture, sacred geometry, spirals and using the spirals of life to your benefit, working on a higher plane than others, engineering, longevity, access to ancient wisdom, you don’t need to change for anyone else.

General Description:

The nautilus is a marine cephalopod mostly found in Southern Hemisphere oceans, around east Fiji, the Great Barrier Reef and southern Japan. During the day they are found deep beneath the ocean (up to 2000 feet), and at night they rise to feed. They have a strikingly patterned shell, and their body has around ninety tentacles that are used for smelling and handling food. Though Nautilus have propulsion chambers, they mostly control their ability to move through the sea via controlling the buoyancy found in the individual chambers of their shells. They live longer than most cephalopods, and are ‘living fossils,’ having been in existence – relatively unchanged – for 500 million years.