Scorpionfish – Warning

Scorpionfish illustrated by Ravenari


Warning. Feeling cornered and cornering others. Finding yourself in a tight spot. Feeling threatened. Finding beauty threatening or harmful.

General Description:

Scorpionfish are a venomous species of fish commonly found in tropical and subtropical waters, they include some of the most venomous fish in the world. Scorpionfish have a compressed body and are well known for their exotic colouring and sharp spiny fins, tail and back. The sharp spines contain the venom.

Some scorpionfish will disguise themselves around prey, others will use their spines to paralyse prey before eating them. Scorpionfish eat crustaceans and smaller fish and live on the seafloor. They are typically not aggressive by nature. Despite being venomous, scorpionfish are popular in aquariums due to their bright colouring.

Lessons and Challenges:

Scorpionfish brings a clear message of warning at this time. You are being asked to be careful around friends, family and loved ones because of a current potential for situations to occur where you may not be able to extract yourself gracefully, or with your ego intact. Be wary of those who seek to hurt you at this time, or discredit you. Also be wary of discrediting yourself through poor behaviour and reactions.

The scorpionfish suggests that we may be feeling cornered, or be put in positions where we feel cornered. At this time, we may respond to feeling cornered, or perceiving that someone is trying to put us in a difficult position, by retaliating accordingly. The scorpionfish are not aggressive, they are prepared physically to retaliate through their bodily evolutions if necessary. Likewise if you feel you are in a corner, you may find yourself lashing out verbally, or even physically.

You may find yourself in a tight spot at this time, but ask yourself how much of it is self-sabotage, and how much of it is the fault of others. Sometimes the best way to extract yourself from feeling threatened is to actually admit fault and then assert your rights regarding respect.

Ask yourself what you feel you have to lose at this time. Often when we feel threatened, or feel we are in dangerous positions, we worry about what we might lose. Is it our integrity, our reputation, or something else? Learning how to determine what you are frightened of losing or compromising can help you to look at ways to avoid feeling threatened in the first place.

Scorpionfish suggests that you may find beauty threatening, or even harmful. It may be that you have people around you that you perceive as being more beautiful than you, and compare yourself critically and hurtfully because of it. Alternatively it may be that you find beauty threatening because you feel it may be unattainable, despite desiring it.

Watch out for harmful behaviours attached to desiring or resenting beauty; such as crash dieting, hurtful exercise regimes, or abandoning friendships or family members to hang out with more ‘desirable’ crowds.

The Shadow Aspects:

Scorpionfish interrupts a reading to let you know that you are not paying attention to a clear warning in your life. If you continue to ignore this warning – no matter where, who or what it is coming from – you or the people you love will be hurt or harmed in some manner. Ground yourself, and listen to where the warning is coming from, scorpionfish will let you know where this is coming from.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Scorpionfish is a cryptic teacher and its lessons tend to be personally tailored depending on what’s going on in your life. While it does bring a general lesson of ‘warning,’ only you can really define exactly what the warning is regarding, and how to go about diffusing a tense or awkward situation. If scorpionfish has come into your life, take the time to get to know it and prepare to spend a lot of time and patience just being around scorpionfish’ energy in order to understand it.

It can take a while for scorpionfish to be forthright about what it wants to teach you, and at times its beauty can also detract and deceive. I’ve personally experienced, and also heard others experience scorpionfish as an animal that is far more beautiful and ‘decorated’ in visualisation and the Otherworlds, than in real life. Lessons relating to beauty, deception and camouflage are some of the most immediate lessons that scorpionfish presents us with.