Seahorse – Staying in Touch

Tiger Snout Seahorse illustrated by Ravenari


Equality, courtship, romance, checking in on your loved one, staying in touch, never losing the ‘spark’, an inability to maintain long-distance relationships, sometimes being easily shocked or surprised, reacting to new situations poorly, preferring a stable environment, in tune with the currents of life, drifting along, choosing easygoing actions over aggressive ones.

General Description:

There are over 80 species of seahorse, which are a type of fish found throughout shallow seas throughout the world named for the equine shape of their head. They prefer mangroves, coral beds, or fields of seagrasses as their habitats, since they are poor swimmers, these habitats best enable them to hang onto plants or coral in less tempestuous waters with their prehensile tail.

Seahorse tend to be coloured in ways that enable them to best camouflage in their environment, though they can turn bright colours during unusual situations. They have elaborate and daily courtship rituals, tend to be monogamous, and the male is unusual in that he incubates and gives birth to the eggs; instead of the female.