American Robin

American Robin – Tomorrow is a New Day

American Robin illustrated by Ravenari


Changing luck and fortunes (for yourself and others), tomorrow is a new day, musicality, connecting to others through song, voice and words, constantly moving forward, bringing new growth into your life, finding beginnings more often than endings, being a pioneer, connections to disease and illness, lessons connected to coming in first place, learning how to spring forward.

General Description:

The American robin is found throughout North America, it is a small songbird, noted for being one of the first birds to lay eggs, and the first birds to sing at dawn. They are diurnal, feeding upon invertebrates and fruits. At night they assemble into large groups to roost. They can be aggressive and territorial, and groups will sometimes band together to repel predators like owls or hawks.

They are predated upon by many animals who are able to catch them or their eggs. They are carriers of the West Nile Virus, and are considered more dangerous in their role as hosts, than other birds like jays or crows. They have a distinctively cheerful song, and use other vocalisations to express alarm, with different calls to distinguish between direct threats, vague threats, and other forms of threat.