Bateleur Eagle

Bateleur Eagle – Looking for Stability

Bateleur Eagle illustrated by Ravenari

Keywords/Guide Meanings:

Savannah wisdom and power, the power of silence, balance, getting your balance, stabilising, looking for stability, Sun King, sun worship, upperworld messenger, conduit between energies, messenger of the gods, pride, ego, instincts, true sight, accurate clairvoyance, wisdom, power, heat and wind energy, soaring over obstacles, the flight of the spirit.

General Description:

The bateleur eagle is a medium-sized eagle found in the savannahs of South Africa. They are one of the well-known snake eagles, famous for their amazing aerobatic abilities from which their tilting of wings while in the air is where the name bateleur (French for ‘tight-rope walker’) probably originates. Adults pair for life, and help to raise the young together. The female, as with many birds of prey, is larger than the male. Bateleur eagles are usually silent, though they may scream or bark when excited.