Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier)

Bearded Vulture – Lucky and Unlucky

Bearded Vulture illustrated by Ravenari

‘Lucky or unlucky, I’ve been seen as both, and each comes with its consequences. The truth is, the perception of luck has less to do with me, and more to do with you. But if you’ve noticed me in your life, perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your luck as well.

Me, I’m more concerned with getting to the marrow of a matter rather than the surface interpretation. Me and death, we go way back. It’s not the flesh of life I want, but the bones, the glorious once-life within. You can tell a lot about a life by examining the bones of it. The quality of the marrow. Perhaps I am too harsh in the way I get to the truth of the matter, but it’s necessary sometimes to break something in order to find something good, hearty, wholesome.

I am the one who can find wisdom in something long after everyone else has given up on it. And you, stubborn student or willing wanderer, I can find the wisdom in you too.’


Bone wisdom. The bone breaker. Skeleton and bone magic and medicine. Mountain wisdom. Soaring. Sky wisdom. The upperworlds and upperworld mythologies. The life and death cycle. Connections to codes, cults and religions. The good and bad luck bird. Superstitions. Opportunity knocks. Getting to the marrow of a situation. Indelicacy.