Black Capped Chickadee

Black Capped Chickadee – Bolshiness

Black Capped Chickadee illustrated by Ravenari

‘Anyone who’s met me knows how brave I can be! How quickly I can light up any dreary winter, or any dreary day for that matter! I can be bold and strong, or clever and canny, or agitated and aggressive, but you’ll feel my energy when I want you to! I know the wisdom of the winds and I bet I know my spaces better than you know yours. I hope you like a gauntlet being thrown down on occasion, because I will throw one. With me by your side we will think quick, talk often, take necessary risks and say what we mean. Look deeper, and I can help you connect to yourself, know when to shut down, know when to check out. We shall find joy in the small things, you and I!’


Boldness and bravery. Fearlessness. Sensing your environment. Feeling out spaces around you. Mental acrobatics. Intellect. The small things mean more than you think. Big energy in small packages. Saying what you mean. Speak your truth. Strong felt-sense. Checking out safely. Connection to air wisdom and air elementals. Knowing where you stand. A love of vocabulary. Adaptation and adjustment. Necessary risks. Enthusiasm. Sharp-wit. Good cheer. Bolshiness.