Blue Mockingbird

Blue Mockingbird – Sharing Your Truth With A Few

Blue Mockingbird illustrated by Ravenari


Being cryptic or deliberately hard to understand, only singing your song to a very small number of people, having great beauty to give to others, being underestimated, sacred song, what’s inside is more important than what’s outside, inner beauty, sharing your truth with only a few.

General Description:

The blue mockingbird is endemic to Mexico, and is known for its distinctive blue-grey plumage, black mask around its face, and red eye. They are found in many forms of forest in Mexico, such as montanes, degraded forest and subtropical and dry forests. It is the male mockingbird that calls more frequently than the female (and more often at night, sometimes during a full moon), it has a varied song with different notes and often sounds of mimicry incorporated into it. They are naturally quite shy, and despite being distinctive, can be hard to see. They are omnivorous, taking fruits and insects, among other foods.