Budgerigar (Parakeet)

Budgerigar – Chatterbox

Budgerigar illustrated by Ravenari


Travelling, going where nourishment is found, following the omens and movements of birds, chatterbox, gossip, everyday beauty, great resources of inner strength, responding to colour and light therapy, words have great meaning, be careful what you say, choose words carefully.

General Description:

The budgerigar (also known as budgie and parakeet, among many other names), is a small parrot that is endemic to Australia and kept globally as a popular house parrot. As a domestic pet it is found in many colours and mutations, but the wild budgerigar is generally smaller and mostly found in tones of green and yellow, with black barring upon the head, back of the neck and wings. Wild budgerigars are seed-eating and moved around in small and large, chattering flocks in order to find food and water.

Because of their ability to go where food and water is available, and due to many adaptations, they are able to survive the harsh Australian deserts, and seem to prefer them as habitats. Budgerigars are known to have areas of their plumage fluoresce under ultraviolet light (shown in Attenborough’s The Life of Birds series, among other places). Like many parrots, budgerigars are social, intelligent, gregarious birds, regularly engaging in allopreening, they are also great mimics, and the males are considered one of the top five in talking ability among parrots.