Common Green Magpie

Common Green Magpie – Let’s Shine

Common Green Magpie illustrated by Ravenari

‘Hello! Shall we go someplace shaded? A bit quieter? Oh, I love forests, and bamboo, and keeping myself clean. Everything a magpie like me should. I’m probably not like the magpies you’re used to, or maybe you see me all the time! I don’t love the spotlight, but sometimes I’m so curious I just can’t help but be drawn to it! But I don’t like to be caged or captive, no, my feathers turn blue to match the sadness in my heart and the lack of variety in my diet. We need a rich environment to thrive, don’t we? I’m sure you do! Or you wouldn’t be here. It’s time for you to celebrate all the wonderful, different things about the life you live. You can’t live a narrow life, you must live broadly!

I can teach you how to hunt for whatever you need in life! To speak from the heart and to speak vividly. Do you want to be a strong orator? I’ve got you, friend. Are you curious? Not curious enough? Let me hop ahead and promise that it will be okay, even when it’s not, it will still be okay! Are you taking care of yourself? Are you bright minded? Is your heart shining? Come sit by me. I have enough colour to share with you, enough brightness to lend. Let’s shine together.’


The magic of evergreen and bamboo forests. The bright hunter. Finding wisdom in the dead. A glimmer of insight in dense environments. Needing a rich environment. Showing your dissatisfaction. Shady places. Curiosity. Open mindedness. Bold speaker. Growth and new beginnings. Fastidiousness and cleanliness. A bright mind, a vivid heart.