Demoiselle Crane

Demoiselle Crane – Poetry and Writing

Demoiselle Crane illustrated by Ravenari

‘Welcome, you may join me, let us take some time together in silence before we speak. Show me how you move that body of yours. Are you stronger than you look? Weaker? Are you sorrowful or heartbroken? Does the weight of the world weigh you down? Do you remember how to dance, or even sing? You are more stubborn than most, I can tell, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. We build ourselves on the bedrock of endurance and solidarity, though to the rest of the world, it may seem that we are only graceful. I ask that you remember your grace, celebrate your body, embrace your form. With me, you will learn that writing poetry is not just something you do with words, but with your entire being.’


Poetry and writing. Grace. Patience. Elegance. Choosing the hard way over the easy way. Rigidity. Difficult journeys. Grief and heartbreak. Flatland energy. Stronger than you look. Absolute endurance. Femininity. Watch and wait. The perfect opportunity. Focus. Honed awareness. Dancing. The Ogham. Timing. Insight is coming.