Egyptian Vulture

Egyptian Vulture – Hated and Love

Egyptian Vulture illustrated by Ravenari

‘Associated with Pharaohs, goddesses, gods and more, I have been revered, but I’ve also been hated. I’ve been mocked and called revolting, and I’ve been immortalised in mythology for hundreds of years. Do you know what it is to be hated and loved? I take it in my stride. I can live on the filthiest of wisdoms and when someone tells me to ‘eat shit’ I will tell them ‘gladly.’

I accept myself wholly, filthy habits and all, but can you say you do the same of yourself? What use is shame in a world where we all shit and die and turn to rot? I intimately know how short life is, how necessary death, and a vulture like me has little time for shame. I am unabashedly myself, and the gods have loved me for it.

Besides, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to understand what you’re dealing with. Sometimes you need to know how to problem solve or apply your mind or dig your hands into compost and manure to know how to nourish yourself. Personally, I’d rather eat the garbage, but each to their own. If you come to me, do so with respect – I am worshipped. Leave your shame at the door, and if you can’t manage that, well- Let me teach you how to discard it.’


Life and death. Goddess and god energy. The wisdom of hills, plains and open, dry spaces. Patience. Ranging out. Soaring. The upperworlds and upperworld mythologies. Eat shit and live. Unusual interests. Your relationship to disease, decay and filth. Get your hands dirty. Cleverness. Problem solving. Shame is useless. Connection to Nekhbet, Mut and some Pharaohs. Connections with royalty. Sacredness. The life and death cycle. Sky wisdom.