Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl – Insight

Eurasian Eagle Owl illustrated by Ravenari


Keeping yourself to yourself, but still impressing others, insight, seeing tot he heart of the matter, divining other’s truths better than your own, big and imposing energies, wisdom, introspection, occasional inflexibility, an exceptional ability to winnow out the truth from any statement.

General Description:

The Eurasian eagle owl is distinctive among the eagle owls for its size (being among the top two largest owls in the world), orange-reddish eyes and large black ear tufts. They are carnivores, mostly feeding upon foxes, deer and other small mammals. They prefer to live in forests near or upon mountains and cliffs, like almost all owls, they are nocturnal in their hunting habits. They have a distinct, monotonous ‘ooo-hu’ vocalisation, which is higher in females; they can also growl and hiss. Males court females by indicating nesting sites and making vocalisations to appeal to the female, both parents care for the offspring and Eurasian eagle owls have a tendency towards monogamy.