Fairy Wren

Fairywren – Promiscuity

Fairy Wren illustrated by Ravenari


Infidelity. Promiscuity. Not staying loyal to people or projects. Assessing many different options. Canvassing. Unable to focus on one thing at a time. Carnality. Lust. Moving on.

General Description:

Fairy wrens are endemic to Australia and New Guinea. They are small, insectivorous song-birds. The males often possess very striking black and blue plumage, the females are usually a drab brown with a pale blue tail. Fairy wrens have an interesting social relationship with one another, they are ‘monogamous’ in that one male and female will pair (the female will build the nest and incubate her chicks), but both are sexually promiscuous, each mating with many other males and females nearby. Fairy wrens will often pretend to be an injured rodent ‘scurrying away’ from predators when they come too close to the nest, deceiving predators away from offspring. Fairy wrens have complex, appealing calls. All fairy wrens are social, living in co-operative groups of non-breeding males, juveniles and a dominant male and female.

Lessons and Challenges:

There is an element of the promiscuous to the teachings of fairy wren. You may have been disloyal to a partner, friend, family member or even to a workplace or project. You may be thinking about abandoning one of these or many, in order to pursue bigger and better things. Or you might be entertaining the thought of maintaining relationships with different partners or workplaces at the same time. Fairy wren encourages us not to feel guilty, or to feel bad about wanting to put our eggs in more than one basket. There are times when it is important not to stay faithful to one thing or person only, as long as you are sure that you are not being destructive in your actions.

Fairy wren shows us the power in positive ‘promiscuity,’ and in positive disloyalty. There are times when we need to stray from one person or project or workplace. It might give us the inspiration we need to go back to our original project, or we may find that we are no longer being nourished by that which we left. Fairy wren is powerful medicine for moving on. But in order to move on, we must first consider

Fairy wren can be particularly helpful for people looking for work, whether they are already working or unemployed. Fairy wren teaches us how to canvas many different workplaces and not settle on the first place we see. It is up to us to make sure we know what we are getting into, and fairy wren says ‘take the time and energy to check out as many places and options as you can!’ The same goes for partners and friends. It is time to canvas other friends, and maybe it isn’t time to settle down just yet. Fairy wren tells us to know what is out there before we choose to settle down, that we when we make the choice, we know we aren’t missing out. Sometimes fairy wren even encourages to not miss out, by sharing its promiscuous energy with us and teaching us how to enjoy more than one workplace / partner / group of friends at the same time.

Fairy wren’s energy can be quite scattered, so it can also show us why we might be unable to focus on one thing at a time at this moment in our lives. It might not be a good time for exams, tests, or big decisions like marriage proposals and accepting new jobs. While fairy wren encourages us to look around, constantly, it is not always adept at helping us to settle down. Therefore it is worth contacting another animal energy to see what will help ground you at this time too.

Fairy wren brings carnality and lust into our lives. This may manifest in self-love, or the loving of others. Or it might be manifested in more visceral intercourse with others. Whatever the way it expresses itself, give it healthy and respectful channels to find its way out into your life. Fairy wren’s carnality can be extremely energising and helpful to you at this time. Do not be afraid of your body, or your hormones. If you are someone who avoids feeling lust or wanting, fairy wren will help you to learn that it can be okay.

The Shadow Aspects:

The human, in today’s society, has created an institution where monogamy is respected above all else, but the shadow energy of fairy wren challenges this institution, and our assumption of its ‘normalcy.’ Not all couples are destined to be monogamous, some are even healthier and more successful in a polygamous setting. Are you the kind of person to judge these people? Or do you accept different forms and manifestations of relationship and sexuality? Fairy wren challenges us to rethink our perspectives on fidelity, relationships and sexuality.

Fairy wren asks us to start considering other options in our path in life. Don’t have one dream. Don’t have one option. Don’t have one career. Make sure that you always have other options, ones that don’t feel like ‘giving away’ your original dream. Fairy wren can challenge us to find new opportunity and pathways by taking away the ones that we place too much faith in, so never – as the old saying says – put all your eggs in one basket.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Fairy wren is a flitting and fleeting energy that doesn’t often stay for long, in-depth conversations. It’s messages are often short and to the point, and it will often demonstrate what it has to teach you through its actions, rather than have a ‘conversation’ with you in a journey or visualisation. Fairy wren energy can be contacted more easily in bushland, and responds quite well to flute and woodwind songs. Fairy wren is constantly moving, and you may find that its presence is scattered and difficult to contact, patience and a sharp eye will help you to connect and commune with this beautiful bird.