Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle – The Sun’s Power

Golden Eagle illustrated by Ravenari


Life and death, having more than one home, being drawn to more than one place at once, congregations, workshops and moots, trying to be at the top of your game, the sun’s power, sun worship, upperworld messenger, conduit between energies, clashes with rabbit energy, messenger of the gods, ego, instincts, true sight, power, soaring over obstacles, flight of the spirit.

General Description:

The golden eagle is a large, monogamous eagle that is found in the northern hemisphere, they have distinctive brown plumage with golden brown feathers on the back of their neck. They are carnivores and apex predators, and primarily eat hares and rabbits, though will take anything that they can catch. They have powerful adaptations that enable them to hunt their food, including large powerful talons, a hooked, strong beak, exceptional eyesight, and an ability to stoop/dive onto their prey at fast speeds.