Gouldian Finch

Gouldian Finch – Painting and Artistry

Gouldian Finch illustrated by Ravenari


Colour therapy, colour wisdom, using colour to connect with the world and others, beauty but not gaudy, painting and artistry, requiring times of hollowness or emptiness, a strong connection to fire, dependence on fire, a need to control one’s environment, being trapped or exploited, watch out for people using you because of your appearance or skills, small things nourish you.

General Description:

Despite being popular as a cage finch, the gouldian finch is an endangered bird, with less than approximately 2,500 mature birds left in the wild. There are many domestic colour variations in captivity, but in the wild the very colourful gouldian finch appears with a black face, a less common red face, and a rare yellow face. They live on grass seeds, and research shows they never consume insects. Females control the sex of their offspring through mate choice, and offspring have distinctively coloured gapes to help guide the parents into their mouths. Their bright colouring is not a benefit in the wild, where they are easily located and caught by predators.