Grackle – Talking Through A Problem

Grackle illustrated by Ravenari


Talking and chatting, talking through a problem, ‘talk therapies,’ beware of saying a lot of words with very little meaning, using others to get what you want, socialising, finding large groups of people beneficial, deception, being able to problem solve very tough, resistant or difficult situations, engaging in problematic behaviours, urban wisdom and environments, self-expression.

General Description:

The grackle is a group of birds that are predominantly black with long tails, and patches of iridescence around their face area and sometimes the tops of their wings. They are found in North and South America. Grackles are loud, chattering birds that are sometimes considered a pest by humans not just because of their habit of eating grain, and flocking to crops, but also because of their noise levels (the latter is particularly true of the common grackle and the great-tailed grackle).

Grackles are omnivores that eat a wide variety of foods. Grackles are one of the few species of birds that engages in the activity of anting; which involves aggravating ants into biting their feathers and coating them with formic acid, which protects against parasites and can substitute for preen oil.