Green Peafowl

Green Peafowl – Accepting Your Appearance

Green Peafowl illustrated by Ravenari


Getting where you need to go, soaring over obstacles, flight, pride, knowing how to make yourself look good, foraging, window shopping, clashes with big cat energy, cultivating family, accepting your appearance, being admired and desired by others, admiration and desire, using symbols to create wisdom and attract others to you, dignity and grace.

General Description:

The green peafowl (or green peacock) is an Endangered, large bird found in south-east Asia and consists of three subspecies. The males during breeding season develop stunning, brilliant trains that they can manipulate into large fans to court a female. All subspecies present far more green on their bodies than the Indian peafowl. They are adept fliers, unlike their Indian peafowl cousins, and are able to fly long distances.

They can live in many habitats (from rainforest to savannah), provided there is a water source nearby, they are carnivores that tend to hunt for their prey on the ground. The green peafowl is now thought to be monogamous, unlike its Indian counterpart, though further research is needed. Green peafowl take some time to full mature, and spend prolonged time with their offspring. They are threatened by hunting and habitat destruction.