Horned Parakeet

Horned Parakeet – Getting Together With Others

Horned Parakeet illustrated by Ravenari

Keywords/Guide Meanings:

Doing fine in oppressive environments, knowing how to handle crowds, getting together in times of plenty, celebration, celebrating abundance, mundane communication, friendship, colour therapy, joyful expression, congregation, everyday beauty, reaching new goals with ease, pollination.

General Description:

The horned parakeet of New Caledonia, is known for its two black feathers that end in red tips, that protrude from the back of its head like horns. They can be raised and lowered much like a cockatoo crest. It communicates through shrieks and chuckling noises, and a distinctive nasal ‘kho-khoot.’ They eat seeds and nuts. While it will live in many New Caledonian habitats, it prefers humid forests; they will often feed and flock communally, though are just as comfortable living in pairs. Their largest threats are habitat destruction by humans and the Javan deer, and predation through the black rat.