Kea – The Rapscallion

Kea illustrated by Ravenari


Clowning around, neophilia (love of new things), novelty, Aquarian energy, mischievousness, cheekiness, being a rapscallion, alpine wisdom and mythology, teasing others and being teased, good-natured ribbing, life is short, enjoying the moment while it lasts.

General Description:

The kea is a large parrot endemic to New Zealand (almost exclusively the South Island, though vagrants make it up to the North), that is currently listed as Vulnerable. Unusually, the kea is an alpine parrot (unusual for parrots), though is also found in lowland regions as well.

The kea is perhaps most well-known for its mischievousness; which combined with its neophilia, can make it a pest in many tourist areas (where it will steal things, destroy the rubber and fixings on cars, and generally explore in a destructive manner). The kea has an unusually high mortality rate in its first few years, though it has survived for longer than fifty years in captivity. They are generally polygamous, semi-nocturnal, and are omnivores with a varied diet.