King Vulture

King Vulture – The Glory of Death and Entropy

King Vulture illustrated by Ravenari

‘They call me the King Vulture – Urubu Rei – and I have been deified in cultures older than most can conceive. A messenger from the gods, or nature’s clean-up crew, perhaps both. Do you not look upon me and know nature’s glory? Know also then, how I feed upon decay and death and entropy, know how I keep my nest fetid to ward off predators, or how I am the one who often makes the first cut in a kill to allow other, smaller vultures to feed once I am done.

I carry within me the secrets and sacredness of life and death, I know how to find the smallest detail in the biggest picture, and find for myself a way of living. I can teach you how to speak without speaking, how to live amongst the dying, and how to centre in your own authority and sacredness.

I am the wisdom of the skies and the sky gods, the forests and the forest gods. I am not always talking on my own behalf, but sometimes on the behalf of ancient gods. But make no mistake, I am my own god, and you will respect me first before I will leave you my messages. For if you will not listen to me when you are alive, then I will still find nourishment in you when you are dead.’


The Messenger. Deification. Godliness. Sacredness. The life and death cycle. The first cut. The first taste. Doing the dirty work. Entropy and decay are necessary. You will listen to me. Authority. Sky wisdom. The upperworlds and upperworld mythologies. Getting a clear picture. Soaring. To speak without giving voice. Blood magic and blood medicine. Solar worship.