Kiwi – Knowing When To Give

Kiwi illustrated by Ravenari


Inspiring affection and protective qualities in others, having a good nose (literally and metaphorically), being quite sensitive, being able to give birth to large, expansive ideas, putting your all into a project, using walking as a healing and meditative tool, forest wisdom, knowing when to give, and when to receive.

General Description:

The kiwi is a flightless ratite (the smallest in the world), endemic to New Zealand where it is the national symbol of the country. There are five species of kiwi, with varying conservation statuses ranging from not threatened, to Endangered. They have the largest egg in proportion to their body size in the world (approximately 1/3 of their body size). They have an exceptional sense of smell, and their nostrils are located at the end of their beak to assist in the location of prey such as worms and invertebrates. They are shy, often nocturnal (particularly in areas where feral animals and human habitation is high), and monogamous in nature. Some kiwi are severely threatened by predation from feral animals such as cats, stoats and dogs.