Magpie Lark

Magpie Lark – Give and Take

Magpie Lark illustrated by Ravenari


Reflection, self-preoccupation, mirroring others, mirror symbolism, aggression, caring for your space at the cost of others, sharing in the song of others, complementing another person, give and take, knowing who your friends are.

General Description:

The magpie lark (also known as the mudlark, peewee, murray magpie, and sometimes – mistakenly – as baby Australian magpies) is a bird found throughout Australia, that has urbanised quite well. The magpie lark has a distinctive antiphonal call, where its territorial call is complemented by its mate (a perfectly harmonised call sounds like one bird singing, instead of two singing half-seconds apart from each other). These calls are practiced, and a well-harmonising call is thought to help determine a successful courtship. Magpie larks are quite aggressive, chasing other animals and birds out of their territory. They are known for attacking their reflections in windows, mirrors, and even car windscreens at traffic lights (I’ve experienced this phenomenon myself!)