Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kite – Bringing Great Darkness Into Light

Mississippi Kite illustrated by Ravenari


Being able to bring great darkness into the light, being unafraid to fly, caring for and helping others, wind energy, being a spiritual messenger, all spiritual messages, inner and outer grace, a connection to death, the shadows and the underworld, constantly searching for people like you, learning how to float away from things that trouble you.

General Description:

Mississippi kites are raptors found in Central and Southern America, with migrations to South America. They are primarily insectivorous; eating grasshoppers, cicada and other insects on the wing, as many of these insects can do damage to human crops, they are considered beneficial to humans. They will also take small amphibians and mammals when available, and feed on carrion. Mississippi kites will sometimes fly in groups, and nest in colonies. Because they are protected, they can sometimes be a nuisance in urban areas where their habit of diving in order to protect their territories can be frightening and even a threat to humans.