Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier – Changing Sides

Northern Harrier illustrated by Ravenari


Changing sides, being flexible with thought, being able to appreciate both sides of a story, having balanced judgement, taking advantage of opportunies, the power of mental and physical flight, circles and spirals, being unusually talkative or chatty, conversations while working, having a spiritual connection to open areas of land, grasslands, heathlands and moors. being able to focus on the details and the big picture at the same time.

General Description:

The northern harrier (also known as the hen harrier) is found in the northern hemisphere, in Eurasia, Canada and Northern USA. As it is migratory, it winters in the southern-most areas of these regions. Females are distinctly heavier than the males, and both males and females have dimorphic plumage. Like most harriers, they prefer to hunt in open country where they are able to fly low to the ground to hunt their prey; unlike other harriers, it is very vocal while hunting. Northern harriers are illegally persecuted in the UK, and are threatened in some areas by reforestation and pine plantations (which stop them from hunting effectively).