Pied Currawong

Pied Currawong – Being Sneaky

Pied Currawong illustrated by Ravenari


Melody and song magic, adaptability, adept at problem solving, urban wisdom, talking it out, opportunism, taking advantage of others, having others take advantage of you, theft, being sneaky, the joy and necessity of play, falling with style, it doesn’t need to be graceful, harassment.

General Description:

The pied currawong is a song-bird found in the Eastern states of Australia. There are six different subspecies. They are crow, or raven-like birds, and their habits and diet fill a niche commonly filled by other corvids. They are primarily arboreal foragers. Currawongs are intelligent, curious birds; and are known for their distinctive calls, and melodious songs. Currawongs will happily steal food from other birds and animals (including raptors), and are parasitised by the channel-billed cuckoo.