Plum Headed Parakeet

Plum-Headed Parakeet – Staying in Touch

Plum Headed Parrot illustrated by Ravenari

Keywords/Guide Meanings:

Gregariousness, mundane communication, friendship, colour therapy, celebration, joyful expression, congregation, staying in touch, talking while travelling, everyday beauty, reaching new goals with ease, pollination

General Description:

The plum-headed parakeet is just one of a few species in the ringneck parakeet family. They are found throughout Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, West Pakistan, Rameswaram Island and some of India. They live mainly in forested areas, or regions of woodland, and will move where food concentrations are highest (eating seeds, fruits, nuts, flowers and so on). Like many parakeets, they are a noisy, gregarious bird, and unlike many parakeets, utter an ‘oink?’ sound while flying. They are popular aviary birds.