Red Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk – Getting Perspective

Red Tailed Hawk illustrated by Ravenari


Getting perspective, critically assessing your situation, other people stealing your ideas, culture or property, stepping back and understanding the bigger picture, visionary, spirit guides that are able to warn one of crisis and trouble ahead, long-lasting bonds with others, commitment.


The red-tailed hawk is a fairly common bird of prey primarily found in the USA, as well as the West Indies, parts of Canada and Central America, and is one of three species known as a chickenhawk. They are extremely adaptable, and found in a diverse variety of landscapes, including urban environments and cities. Like many birds of prey, the females are larger than the males. They are monogamous, and generally only take new mates when the old mate dies. Red-tailed hawks are carnivorous, opportunistic hunters that primarily feed on rabbits, rodents as well as any other animal that’s small enough to be predated upon (including fish).

The red-tailed hawk is considered sacred to some First Nations peoples of Native America, and are significant in many cultures.