Rook – Belief Systems and Politics

Rook illustrated by Ravenari


Psychopomp, mythologies and folklore relating to bad fortune, weather forecasting, planning according to weather cycles, delighting in the concept of community, politics and judging others according to their beliefs, belief systems, an affiliation with death and the concept of death, questioning luck.

General Description:

The rook is a member of the corvid family, they are distinguishable by their pale beaks, and whitish skin at the front of the face. They are found in Europe, some of the UK, and occasionally in Scandinavia and Iceland. They are omnivores, eating a varied diet, not limited to taking advantage of human habitation and bin scraps. The rook is a colonial nester, usually many families gathering together in localised treetops; a great deal of mythology has been associated with rookeries, and their abandonment. They will also fly together in large flocks. Rooks, like almost all of the corvids, are capable of highly intelligent thought and tool-use in order to problem solve.