Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane – Close Partnership

Sandhill Crane illustrated by Ravenari

‘Come, come! There is strength in numbers! Stand by me! We’ll- Oh? You wish to learn from me? Well, well, but you do realise what you’re getting yourself into, don’t you? I require your eloquence. I’ll need you to immerse yourself in words and poetry, I’ll need you to look back deep into your ancestry – and mine! – and I’ll want you to look at your bloodlines and tell me if you know how far back they go. I am one of the oldest known birds in the entire world, and here I stand, still a master of timing and insight. We’ll have an exchange then, a call and response, a diaphony that extends into the opaque alphabets that are no more hard to understand than I am once you give me some of your time. When you tire of words, we will dance together, and you will see into the truth of elegance itself.’


Two voices as one. Unison. Associations with death and frightening mythologies. Close partnerships. Comrades. Banding together. Solidarity. Defend yourself. Birds in ancestry. Dancing. Leadership roles. Patience. Grace. Watch and wait. The perfect opportunity. Focus. Honed awareness. The Ogham. Timing. Insight is coming. Marshland and wetland energy.