Siberian Crane

Siberian Crane – The Longest Journeys

Siberian Crane illustrated by Ravenari

‘If you approach me, do so with respect, please. I do not suffer fools lightly. I have much wisdom to share, but just as you are discerning enough to find your way to me, allow me to be discerning too. Both of us will be firm about our limits and what we wish to achieve together. You may find me harsh after the softness of some, but my wisdom is that of patience and grace and timing. Give me months, not a single day, give me observation, not the need to simply grab the wisdom you need and run. There are other cranes who will tolerate that far better than I will. Let our respect be mutual, let our connection be deep, let us look to the skies together while keeping our feet firmly on the ground, knowing exactly when we need to fly, to undertake our longest journeys in life.’


Long journeys. A complicated history. A capacity for unexpectedly deep insight. This is mine, that is yours. Firm boundaries. Using threat if necessary. Day energy and affinity with the sun. Guarding and protecting loved ones. Possible violence and aggressive urges when stressed. Instincts. Shamanism. A connection to the celestial and celestial spirits. Solar magic. The sacredness of spring. Patience. Grace. Watch and wait. The perfect opportunity. Focus. Honed awareness. The Ogham. Timing. Dancing. Insight is coming. Marshland and wetland energy.