Winter Wren

Winter Wren – Cleverness is Better

Winter Wren illustrated by Ravenari


Cleverness is better than strength, intelligence, smarts, wit, master of the winds, connected to good fortune, and myths connected to saving one from disaster or catastrophe, supporting polygamous and polyamorous lifestyles, inconsistency, or an inability to provide sustained bursts of energy (in work or other area), having a strident ability to make yourself heard, being loud and proud.

General Description:

The winter wren is a small bird that is found in varying places in the Northern Hemisphere, and in Europe is known simply as the ‘wren.’ They have been common in many different mythologies, extending to Christian folklore, and are often given titles such as ‘The King of the Winds,’ or ‘supreme among all birds.’ They are polygynous, and males will frequently have more than one active nest in his territory. They are mouse-like in running habits while looking for food, and fly in bursts, rather than in a sustained manner. They have an exceptionally loud voice for their body size, and have many vocalisations, including a strident, musical territorial song.