Expansive Animal Oracle

Estimated release of the first two base decks: Mid-to-late 2021

text Expansive Animal Oracle Deck cards facing up with multiple animals

(Image: Test deck of cards facing upwards showing different animals. Note: Keywords will not be in the final decks).

Ever wanted to build your own animal teacher oracle deck? Ever wanted the option to craft a deck of animal teachers to guide you that is specifically made to suit your style, issue or even just the animals you love? Want to engage with animals from your country? Or popular animals? Or rare ones? Or wish you could buy an expansion pack of only different types of deer? Or dog? Or mythological creature?

With the Expansive Animal Oracle – featuring multiple decks printed with the same shape, cardstock and background, that can be mixed, matched, added to, subtracted from, built and rebuilt constantly – you can! Or maybe you just want a single base deck and you’ll be happy? That’s fine too! The base decks are designed to be immediately useful in your self work, divination and personal uses.

There are so many animals in the world that I knew it would be impossible to narrow them down into one deck that I’d be satisfied with. So I spent a lot of time brainstorming how to best solve this issue, especially as someone who has felt it important to showcase the teachings of rare or less common animals over the years. This seemed the best answer, and a great way to empower yourself to learn which animals are teaching you best at any particular time. I’ll also provide resources to teach you how to read cards with *huge* decks, since I’ve spent over 10 years reading with an animal teacher deck of my own that has over 200+ cards with great success.

This project is a HUGE undertaking, but currently almost all the art and descriptions are completed for two separate 40 card decks (the Iconics and the Unusuals), which means out of the gate, if you order both, you can use an 80 card animal oracle deck. After that, expansion packs for Australia and the United Kingdom are likely to be next.

All of these will be sold through Gamecrafter, a US manufacturer very experienced in card games, tarot and oracle decks, that can promise relative continuity through the decks themselves.

What about duplicates? The Iconics and the Australian decks will both have a kangaroo, after all! Will they have the same art, so that you end up with redundant cards? No way! In cases where duplicates arise, I’ve decided to do unique artwork for the new decks, that way you can choose to keep in a couple of the same animal and attach different meanings to each piece of art.