Ladybug – Lady Fortune

Ladybug illustrated by Ravenari


Lady fortune, good fortune and good luck, bringing others joy, being beloved by many, traditional concepts of female energy, possessing voracious appetite for nourishment and healing, knowing how to protect yourself, warning others, making sure that people know where you stand at all times, bringing happiness to others without trying.

General Description:

Ladybugs are comprised of a large number of species of (mostly) carnivorous beetle, also known as ladybirds or lady beetles. They are most well known as the red beetle with black spots, but can have their main carapace and spots shine in a variety of colours. Those brilliant colours are a transmission to predators that they taste bad, and when threatened, they will secrete a noxious substance.

They have bodies like a half-sphere, short legs, and little antennae. They are often a favourite for farmers and gardeners (as most eat aphids and other plant pests), and tend to be loved by kids and adults alike worldwide. Mythologically, they are known in many cultures as being the bearers of good fortune, leading to the colloquial name; ‘fortune bugs.’