American Bison

American Bison – Purpose

An illustration of an American Bison facing the left with horns and a serious expression, against a golden orange and yellow background.


Purpose, possessing great strength, clashing with others, going head to head with someone else, being able to give a great deal of yourself to others (whether good or bad), give and take, sometimes appearing slower than you are, being able to quickly change direction, potential clashes with wolf energy, getting your status and wealth from your family, and finding it difficult to get it otherwise, support to those who identify as LGBTQIA+

General Description:

The American bison (frequently known as the American buffalo), is a large North American grazing mammal found in varying areas on grasslands and prairies. Males and females live in sex-segregated herds, and only come together during times of breeding, during which both sexes are polygamous. Offspring inherit their dominance based on when they are born in the season (those born earliest are most dominant, and only the dominant bison breed early in the season). Males will sometimes charge each other for rights over a female.