American Black Bear

American Black Bear – Meditation

Illustration by Ravenari of an American Black Bear in profile looking right with a blue background, and red circles on a diagonal across the page.


Sniffing out the truth, containing great power, being a mover and shaker, needing long breaks from people and projects, taking time-out, sabbaticals, climbing to the top, being misunderstood, having your true nature underestimated or overlooked, meditation, highs and lows.

General Description:

The American black bear is a common bear species (with many subspecies) found throughout North America and well-adapted to the landscapes found throughout. They are powerful animals, able to stand on two legs, and run at fast speeds when necessary. American black bears – like most bears – are omnivores, changing their diet depending on seasonal availability. They are known to compete with wolverines, cougars and brown bears for kills / food.