Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion – Exorcism

illustration of asiatic lion by ravenari


Exorcism and banishment, female bonding, sisterhood, protecting your territory, being very capable of eliminating what you don’t want in your life, transformation, feeling threatened by others, beware of becoming too insular or withdrawn, depossession, a removal of unwanted energies, cleansing and smudging.

General Description:

The Asiatic Lion only survives today in Gujarat, India; in the Gir Forest. They are Critically Endangered, with less than 400 remaining, and are highly threatened by hunting, pollution and a lack of natural prey. Asiatic lions are also very threatened by inbreeding, with over half the population deriving from thirteen individuals; and the population dwindling all the time. They predate primarily on small ungulates, and due to the size of their prey, have smaller prides than the African lions, with males that only socialise with the pride for food or mating.