Beluga – Singing Sacred Songs

ilustration of beluga by Ravenari


Singing the sacred songs, speaking sacred truths, colour symbolism: white, the crown chakra, flexibility, mystery and the unknowable, playfulness and bonding, socialising easily, connections to ice and sun symbolism, keeping a clear mind under great duress, smiling at life, offering good-nature to the universe.

General Description:

The beluga is a whale that turns white as it ages, and it found in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. It is known – among other things – as the white whale, sea canary and the squid hound. Unlike most whales, the beluga can swim backwards and has a flexible neck. They primarily eat squid, as well as other cephalopods, fish and crustaceans. Their primary predators are killer whales and polar bears, and they are threatened by pollution, climate change and hunting. They have a mysterious, unexplained ability (possibly attributed to echolocation) to find elusive air-pockets and slivers of open water under frozen sea ice.

Belugas are very playful animals, and are known to spit water at other whales, and humans. They are social animals and can move from pod to pod easily, and sometimes hunt cooperatively. There have been increasing incidences of hybridisation with narwhals, possibly do to climate change. They have complex methods of communication, further enhanced by being able to change the shape of the ‘melon’ on their head.