Bush Dog

Bushdog – Needing a Pack

illustration of bush dog by ravenari


Hidden wisdom, shyness, keeping to oneself and to a small community, family dynamics, clashes with rodent energy, savannah energy, needing a pack, attachment to family and the concept of family, playing a part.

General Description:

The bush dog is a canine that is very rare, despite being found throughout Central and South America. Like the takahe, when it was first discovered (as fossils), it was thought to be an extinct animal until found alive. The bush dog is also known as the vinegar dog, and vinegar fox. They are diurnal carnivores that primarily hunt rodents, and live in small, tightly-knit family packs; they constantly whine to each other to stay in touch throughout dense forest floors. Out of all the canines, it is most closely related to the maned wolf.