Chinchilla – Addressing Problems

illustration of chinchilla by Ravenari


Being in high demand, succumbing too much to the needs of others, learning how to step back and demand your own space and boundaries, standing up for yourself, cultivating a softer side, twins and sibling issues, look after yourself, look into yourself, addressing problems and issues.

General Description:

Chinchillas are rodents that give the fur ‘chinchilla’ its name, and are in high demand because of it. Chinchilla are Critically Endangered in the wild, having being hunted nearly to extinction, and some species suffering from poor genes to repopulate.

Chinchilla in domestic situations are kept as pets, and experimented on in science mainly because of their hearing is similar to that of a human’s. Domestic chinchilla are curious, and can be very aggressive to other species, and their owners, even with good socialisation. Chinchilla, in the wild, live in herds and eat a diverse array of plant matter, and some small insects, they can jump to about five feet in height. Chinchilla fur is thirty times softer than human hair, and is so dense, that it must regularly be cleaned of excess oil.