Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog – Between Two Worlds

illustration of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog by Ravenari


Being torn between two worlds, dividing up different sets of instincts, being able to believe two things at once, struggling with duality, balance, versatility, being skilled at many different things, sometimes finding it difficult to motivate yourself, needing a job to do, not seeing the point in purposeless behaviour, finding it difficult and disheartening to work monotonous jobs, or in bureaucracy.

General Description:

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a breed of now domestic dog whose origins come from the mating of a German shepherd with a Eurasian wolf. As far as dog breeds go, it is relatively recent, being almost thirty years old.

Their appearance is like that of a wolf, and like the wolf, is capable of running for long distances. As far as dogs go, they are considered to be able to learn many different things, as long as what they’re learning has a purpose. They can be quite playful, temperamental, wilful and even stubborn. Different countries and states have different laws regarding their ownership.