Dhole – Temporary Communities and Families

illustration of Dhole by Ravenari


Unusual behaviour, having a unique voice, doing things that make sense to you, but no one else, communicating in many different ways, connections to water and the energy of water, being able to slip into and out of temporary communities and families, knowing your place and where you belong, using strictness and discipline to ensure peace and harmony.

General Description:

The dhole is an Endangered dog found in Asia, and is also known as the Red Dog, Indian Wild Dog and Asiatic Wild Dog. It is found in a variety of habitats, including all forms of forest found in Asia, and open steppes. They have unique dentition among dogs, and unlike some other species of dog, show no sexual dimorphism.

Dholes have a looser sense of territory than other dogs, and will sometimes fuse into larger temporary packs from time to time. Meetings with other packs result in unpredictable behaviours, with reactions not always tending towards the hostile. A strict social hierarchy in packs means there’s very little aggression and fighting amongst the dhole. They have an exceptional ability to communicate, with a wide variety of vocal calls, and whistles so distinct that individuals can be picked out through hearing them.