Dolphin – Sex and Sexuality

illustration of a dolphin by Ravenari


Sleep disturbance and restlessness. Cooperation to reach a common goal. Bonding and socialising. Polarity and dichotomy. Helping and harming. The unique voice. Teaching and learning. Culture. Sex and sexuality. The relationship between animals and humans. Bonding between species.

General Description:

Dolphins are aquatic mammals, in Australia the most well-known dolphins are the bottlenosed and common dolphin, though we are also visited by the Australian snubfin, Indo-Pacific humpback, striped and long-snouted spinner dolphins. Dolphins – which are cetaceans like the whale – are extremely intelligent creatures that often lead social lives. With echolocation they effectively hunt and consume schooling fish, squid and sometimes other crustaceans. Dolphins are quite friendly and playful creatures, inventing games for themselves and frequently leaping from the water, spinning, breaching and other aerial diplays.

Lessons and Challenges:

Dolphin energy draws our attention to polarity and dichotomy, in other words the opposites within our lives. Duality is a part of our life whether we like it or not, and we all have opposing forces within us. We have cruelty as well as kindness, we have the ability to hurt as well as heal.

Dolphin lets us know that our life is not about ‘erasing’ the ability to be cruel, or the ability to harm ourselves and others, it is about reconciling our opposites and trusting that they can exist healthily, side by side. It can sometimes be difficult to see that our ability to heal is tied in with our ability to harm, and that we cannot have one without the other, and dolphin enables us to see past the obstacles that tell us that one part of us is ‘bad’ and the other part is ‘good.’ It is important for us to acknowledge that all the parts of us make up the sum of who we are, and as such – all are valuable, even if we don’t always understand why.

When dolphin energy comes into our life, it can warn of sleep disturbances and restlessness. We may not know exactly what to do with our lives, and our sleep may be reflecting this. Watch out for insomnia and problems sleeping, if your mind is particularly active at this time, practice slowing down your breathing, and focus on inner calmness.

We each have a unique voice, it is time to focus on your own. What are the lessons that you want to be teaching others? If you had a song (or many songs) that summed up your own personality, what would it be? Would they be instrumental, would they have lyrics, would they just be sounds strung together depending on how you’re feeling? You have a unique voice, experiment with it, learn more about what you have to say, both to others and yourself.

Dolphin energy lets us know that it is time to cooperate with others in order to reach a common goal. This might be a goal at work, amongst friends, in a family, or in a partnership. The group it occurs in doesn’t matter, as long as the cooperation occurs so that all are nourished. Put aside your differences, the goal is more important than any squabbling or problems occurring in your life at this time. At the same time, you will be able to bond and socialise with others, which is nourishing in and of itself.

The dolphin is able to both befriend and aid, as well as harm, other species. As humans we have the power to both aid as well as harm other species. Look at the relationship between humans and animals. Dolphin energy tends to specifically emphasise bonding with other species for positive aid for both parties. Consider getting to know your pets better, or visit a petting zoo or the pound. Consider donating to local animal shelters, or even saving a spider for a change instead of just killing it. Research animals that you are interested in, and work with other species more closely at this time. Animals and plants have a great deal to teach you.

Dolphin energy helps us to teach and to learn. When dolphin energy is in our life, it lets us know that we have a great deal to learn, but also that we have a great deal of knowledge to give. Some of what we teach and learn is not easy, some lessons are hard, or even painful, with dolphin, but some lessons are also joyful and playful. Dolphin is a duality in and of itself, and acknowledging this is part of the lesson that dolphin teaches us.

Dolphin energy draws our attention to all facets of sex and sexuality. Dolphin energy is a tolerant energy that accepts all manifestations of sex, and all manifestations of sexuality, no matter what forms of judgement we ourselves might place on them. It is time to explore what makes us uncomfortable about sex and sexuality and challenge why it makes us uncomfortable. Dolphin lets us know that nothing short of tolerance or acceptance is good enough, especially as it applies to how we judge ourselves as sexual beings.

Like whale, dolphin emphasises our relationship and place in the culture and subcultures around us. Dolphin energy is more focused however on developing subcultures, the less tolerated, underground subcultures that are both progressive and filled with knowledge, dissent, learning and cooperation. Look at the culture and subcultures that you are a part of, what are you contributing to them? Ask yourself what role you play within the cultures around you, what you have learnt from them, and what lessons in turn you impart to others. Dolphin reminds us that we have a place in society, whether it’s right in the middle of it, or on the fringes, pushing ever further into the frontier.

The Shadow Aspects:

If you have the shadow energy of dolphin in your life, you may fear or resent the polarity within yourself that demands that unsavoury or destructive qualities reside alongside more easily appreciable ones. You find it difficult to reconcile these within yourself and others. Dolphin confronts this, and will help you to come to peace with qualities that you feel war with each other.

There are problems with how you perceive sex and sexuality within yourself and others. You may have unusual sex habits – but be unsure how to embrace and accept them in a healthy way. Alternatively you may be obsessed with sex and sexuality to such a degree that you are unable to see past it. You may want so much sex you are unable to live fully, you may loathe the idea of sex, or be hetero or queer-phobic in some way. Dolphin swims into your life to point out that this is hurting you, and has the potential to change if you work with dolphin.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Dolphin, like whale, can be a particularly forthcoming energy, which is probably why it’s so common as an animal energy in people’s lives.

Dolphin energy can alternatively be playful and joyous, or it can be cruel and stern, it depends on what type of dolphin you encounter (like Orca, for example), and in what mood you encounter them! It depends on what you need to learn from them. The relationship we have with dolphin always changes, and your encounters with this energy will reflect that. Like whale, dolphin energy can be contacted through meditation, visualisation and working with watery places like the ocean or pools. You can also contact dolphin energy by working on a unique song that suits you, and focusing on dolphin at the same time.