Elephant Seal

Elephant Seal – Embracing Discomfort

illustration of an Elephant Seal by Ravenari


Bold, gutsy vigour, an ability to make others feel uncomfortable, embracing discomfort as a way of challenging internally held thoughts and feelings, hiding your vulnerabilities, accepting assistance from others, using stones and gems in energy work, making a noise for what you believe in, using volume in arguments and debates, submitting to a stronger and more powerful force.

General Description:

The elephant seals are large, oceanic seals. There are two types; the Southern seal that is found in the southern hemisphere, and the Northern seal found in the northern hemisphere. They are named for the male’s elephant proboscis, which is used as a resonance chamber to amplify roars which are used for warning males, and attracting females. They spend the majority of their lives in the ocean, and can retain excess oxygen in their musculature. They can remain underwater without breathing the longest of any non-cetacean; for up to 100 minutes at a time. They eat cephalopods, fish, eels, penguins and sharks; they help digestion along by having gastroliths (stones) in their gizzard to help crush their food.

They are significantly sexually dimorphic, with the males being significantly larger than the females. Males will fight over harems, and a single bull male will mate with many females in his harem multiple times. Despite their size and shape, they are faster than humans on sand, as well as being very adept swimmers. Both were nearly hunted to extinction, and were only brought back by the assistance and vigilance of humans, along with hunting restrictions.