Giraffe – Seeing Ahead

giraffe illustrated by Ravenari


Getting by on very little sleep, a risk of long-term and chronic insomnia, being ‘wide awake’ frequently, supporting LGBTQIA+ people and communities, looking ahead, being able to see great distances, knowing what’s coming up in the future, having a predisposition for all forms of divination, premonitions, seeing ahead.

General Description:

The giraffe is distinctive for being the tallest mammal on earth (with the Endangered Rothschild giraffe subspecies topping out at 20 feet). They are found in Africa, usually living on savannas, woodland and grasslands. They are known for their long necks, mottled brown and cream patternings, very long tongue, and both sexes have horns made of cartilage. Males engage in necking, which is both used to fight over females, and as a prelude to same sex coupling (which happens more often than opposite sex coupling). Giraffe females and males generally herd separately, coming together only when in season. The giraffe needs very little sleep (approximately 1.9 hours a day).