Grizzled Tree Kangaroo

Grizzled Tree Kangaroo – The Big Picture

Grizzled Tree Kangaroo illustration by Ravenari


Motherhood, looking down on others, seeing the ‘big picture,’ observation, energy work, breath-work, communicating lightly (through whispering or quiet words), multi-tasking at your own pace, learning from little (a word or shape, instead of having something explained in detail), power in the spirit-world.

General Description:

The grizzled tree kangaroo is a marsupial found in tropical rainforests and foothills in New Guinea. Due to their resemblance to land kangaroos, they are occasionally mistaken for them. Like many tree kangaroos, they have strengthened fore-arms and curved claws to assist in climbing. They are agile in trees, conducting most of their lives within them and leap from branch to branch. They are ungainly on the land. Their tail is used for balancing, but is not prehensile. Grizzled tree kangaroos have shoulder fur that grows reversed, to aid in shedding water.

Grizzled tree kangaroos are sexually dimorphic (males larger than females), and are probably polygynous. They have overlapping territories, but primarily enjoy a solitary existence. Females are capable of embryonic diapause, and twins have been reported. Mothers will protect their young for up to two years, and are protective mothers. The IUCN status of the grizzled tree kangaroo isn’t known, however it is predated upon by hunters both for food, and to supply the pet trade. They are over-hunted, with many grizzled tree kangaroos being unable to reach maximum size before they are killed.

Lessons and Challenges:

The grizzled tree kangaroo teaches us how to see ‘the big picture.’ This is a very valuable lesson for those who focus incessantly on details, or alternatively, constantly worry about the future or the past and fail to live in the present.

The grizzled tree kangaroo can soothe the fractious and stressed by showing them that, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what they do as long as they pursue their own health and wholeness. And the grizzled tree kangaroo can come to the destructive or the hurtful to show them the ‘big picture’ of what their damaging behaviours can do. Being able to take a step back and enjoy the view, or learn from the view, is a skill that can be learnt by anyone. Grizzled tree kangaroo can really help to strengthen this skill.

The grizzled tree kangaroo is an exceptional mother (like all kangaroos), and teaches lessons pertaining to motherhood and protecting and caring for one’s children. Kangaroos are often very ‘present’ mothers, involved in the rearing of their offspring. Grizzled tree kangaroo can come into someone’s life to reinforce lessons of positive mothering, and can teach people how to provide positive mothering to themselves.

The grizzled tree kangaroo teaches us about the value of observation before action. It is best to know the ‘lay of the land’ before we act, and to observe our surroundings, the people around us, and especially our own thoughts, before making any life-changing decisions. Grizzled tree kangaroo can come into a person’s life to remind them not to rush, and to take their time surveying the situation fully before committing to something.

Grizzled tree kangaroo can emphasise a need to receive or learn energy healing modalities like Reiki.

The grizzled tree kangaroo is a quiet marsupial, and when it communicates, it does so often by chuffing, or making small, quiet noises mostly carried on their breath. Grizzled tree kangaroo shows us the power of communicating lightly and gently, and reminds us that a whisper, a single word, or a quietly spoken sentence can have much more impact than a shout or a long, loud monologue; depending on our situation and what we have to say.

Grizzled tree kangaroo also teaches us the value of breath-work, and understanding how we carry power within our breathing. Both the power to nourish ourselves, and to nourish others with our voice.

Grizzled tree kangaroos can come into your life to teach how to multi-task at our own pace, or carry several projects or jobs at once, while still giving ourselves enough time to rest, relax, and even play. Just because you do something, or many things slowly, does not mean that you are being lazy or showing a lack of intelligence. Taking your time often ensures a job well done. And taking your time while working on several jobs means – according to grizzled tree kangaroo – better results for everyone.

The grizzled tree kangaroo teaches the concept of how to learn from a little. Or how to gain much from a word, or shape, or colour – instead of having something explained in detail. Grizzled tree kangaroo can come into your life to show you that the wisdom is already in the simple things in your life; and that you do not need wisdom to be greatly explained to you, you just need to stop and observe what is already around you. Nature may be whispering her wisdom to you quietly, and if you quieten yourself, the whispers will come through clearly.

All tree kangaroos teach power in the spirit-world, and come into your life to indicate that you are in a powerful or strong place to do spirit-work and energy healing on the self and on others.

All tree kangaroos teach lessons regarding ‘looking down on others.’ The tree kangaroo is an unlikely candidate for tree life, because despite many evolutionary adaptations, they are still not nearly as agile in trees as monkeys, martens, and other similar arboreal animals. Despite this, they live their lives in the trees and literally look down upon others.

This concept can be turned into a lesson in our lives, all tree kangaroos ask ourselves to honestly look at how we look down upon others. Do we disdain our ancestors, our parents, our families, friends or work colleagues? Are their particular subsets of people that we frown upon or look down on? Tree kangaroo reminds you to view others with respect, even if you know more than they do, or are more advantaged. After all, falling from a great height isn’t as pleasant as staying feet firmly on the ground (and tree kangaroos actually fall out of trees a fair bit!)

The Shadow Aspects:

If the shadow aspect of grizzled tree kangaroo has come into your life, it can indicate that you are having problems just stopping and listening to what’s going on around you. You are refusing to see the big picture, and worse, you still expect everyone to explain it to you – when it is there to be seen if you just stop and look. Grizzled tree kangaroo says, very simply, that you are not seeing what’s going on right in front of you.

If you dislike or fear tree kangaroo, it often means that you have problems with seeing yourself as being equal to others. You may see yourself as being vastly superior to many others, to the point where you are unable to sustain meaningful relationships with others. Or you may just see yourself as being so separate and distant to others that you alienate yourself and don’t even get the chance to start relationships with others.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. All the tree kangaroo energies have gentle but somewhat stern dispositions, they are wise teachers, and not prone to silliness or play, but some of their lessons regarding observation can seem boring, and lessons regarding seeing the big picture (in the case of grizzled tree kangaroo) can be overwhelming or even threatening.

Grizzled tree kangaroo does not by nature reach out to many people, and instead waits for people to approach it. Consider approaches that value quiet and whispery noises, over loud ones. Rituals conducted in whisper, or using your breathing to put you into a trance state, can be ways of enabling stronger contact with any tree kangaroo energy. Grizzled tree kangaroo is not often a great conversationalist, preferring to show you simple objects, or saying single words, and expecting you to take the time and patience to nut out the message on your own.